* As a long time smoker I had tried every type of therapy for smoking cessation – patches/gum/hypnosis – you name it. (ILW) have provided me with success. I can honestly say that I am now a non smoker. I have no urges and don’t even care if people light up in front of me. Thanks for changing my life.



* I am still smoke-free since February 2nd! What a great experience it was. My family is so happy and I feel great. I tell everyone about you.



* I just want to say THANK YOU. Because of my treatment in May 2009, I can say I am a non smoker. I smoked for 45 years and after one treatment I quit with no cravings and no missing that cigarette. I am now in New Brunswick and when I tell people about this, they all say I wish I could quit. God Bless You All…and keep up the good work…



* Thank you so much for your program. It has been a month now & I am still smoke free. I have had many obstacles thrown at me this month including a death in the family. Without your system I would be unable to hold out. Thanks again – It’s a good life.



* Instant peace and tranquility! I came in for treatment because I struggled with stress and anxiety. I was given the mental stress protocol and even during the treatment I felt my body ease into a very peaceful state. I became completely relaxed throughout my body and my mind was calmed. This body response lasted for a couple weeks and I felt like I could conquer the world. I was able to receive a couple of boosters later to complete my treatment and I most certainly recommend it to everybody!


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*My friends at Dallas Laser finally helped me quit smoking. I smoked at least 1 pack per day for over 45 days and have been smoke-free for 90 days with no desire to ever smoke another cigarette. Thank you, Dallas Laser.

Mena Carlin


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