Smoking Cessation

Most of our clients only need 1 session. 10-15% may need 1-2 booster sessions after the 1st session. Your success is our success! The price is roughly the cost of 1 month's supply of cigarettes for the average smoker.

Stop Smoking

Weight Management

*Over 90% Success rate for weight loss, appetite suppression, increase of metabolism and endorphins, decrease in cravings.
8 sessions over 5 weeks

Emotional/Mental Stress

*90% Success rate - clients experience immediate relief.
4 full sessions

Drug and Alcohol

*Drugs over 90% Success rate/ Alcohol 90% Success rate
4-8 sessions depending on the dependency level. We offer 2 FREE boosters after your sessions are complete in case you need a boost. The boosters can be used up to 8 weeks after your last session.

Combo Packages

Smoking cessation + 8 weight loss sessions
Over 150 health protocols

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How do we track our clients and get our success rates?

We use our CID (Customer Information Database), a unique program that we have developed for our 50+ locations to monitor our clients and their success. No one else in the world has this type of software. We developed it to assist us as we report our stats to any governmental/oversight branch.

Additional Fees

Please notify DLHC within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time if ou are unable to make your treatment. There is a $50 cancellation fee if your cancellation is not received via phone or text within 24 hours of your appointment time, if we are unable to fill your time slot.

We will make every effort to fill your appointment time, however our clients make their appointments 6 weeks in advance due to the need of our service. Most clients cannot move their schedules around on short notice.

Thank you for your understanding and please know that our priority is your health and wellness!

Refund policy: It is our hope that every individual seeking freedom is ready to make a commitment. For this reason, once payments are received for your protocol plan, all payments are non- refundable. Our goal is to then guide you on a successful journey to freedom from all addictions or health issues. We are here every step of the way!

High Innovative Technology & Professional Technicians

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What our clients are saying


* As a long time smoker I had tried every type of therapy for smoking cessation – patches/gum/hypnosis – you name it. (ILW) have provided me with success. I can honestly say that I am now a non smoker. I have no urges and don’t even care if people light up in front of me. Thanks for changing my life.


* Individual results may vary