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Welcome to Dallas Laser

Dallas Laser Healthcare is a Natural Health Care Center and part of the Imagine Laserworks® Global Laser Centers with 50+ locations, using advanced, complementary and drug-free protocols in all areas of addictions and self-improvement. All sessions are performed by certified laser technicians.


What Services we provide

Low level laser uses acupuncture points to stimulate points on the ear, hand and legs. NO NEEDLES! We help you quit smoking, control weight, end addictions and ease internal mental and emotional stress. We are able to help with 100+health issues, so please contact us to discuss your needs. Check out our SERVICES page for our unbeatable success rates tracked over 20 years and last year after year.

* Individual results may vary

Smoking Cessation

* Up to 94% SUCCESS RATE. Most of our clients only need one session. 20 years of documented proven success.

Mental Stress & Stress Relief

* Over 90% success rate. Experience a relaxed mind, and a feeling of peace and tranquility.


* 85 to 90% success rate with drugs/90% success rate with alcohol at 1/10 of the price of an in-patient facility.

Weight Loss

* Over 90% success rate with our Express Weight- loss Program. No other program in the world can boast our success rates.

Facial rejuvenation

Our Facial rejuvenation is achieved through a non-surgical option, similar to acupuncture but WITHOUT NEEDLES.

150+ health protocols

At Dallas Laser Healthcare we are able to assist in helping over 150 different health issues.

High Innovative Technology & Professional Technicians

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Why we are the best

Quit Drinking

*Our success rates for the quit drinking program is over 90%+. We don't judge or label you an addict forever. For example, you may come in a "drinker" but you leave a "non-drinker

Smoking Cessation

*Our smoking cessation rates are 90% successful. Come in for a single 45 minute session and leave a non-smoker. Your success is our success so we keep in touch to be sure you are successful!

Weight Loss

*Our success rates for Weight Loss is over 90% . The #1 method in the US for weight loss is acupuncture. When combined with 21st century technology, the results are compounded.

What our clients are saying


* As a long time smoker I had tried every type of therapy for smoking cessation – patches/gum/hypnosis – you name it. (ILW) have provided me with success. I can honestly say that I am now a non smoker. I have no urges and don’t even care if people light up in front of me. Thanks for changing my life.


* Individual results may vary